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Who we are

Leasehold Solutions, the first of the Leasehold Group companies, was established in 2002 and is the country’s leading project manager of lease extension and freehold purchase transactions on behalf of larger groups of leaseholders.

The founders of Leasehold Solutions set up Leasehold Valuers in 2013 and Leasehold Law in 2015 and the Leasehold Group of companies now offers a complete one-stop-service to leaseholder clients wishing to extend their leases or purchase their freeholds.  

In May 2007 the directors of Leasehold Solutions launched ALEP, the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners, to promote best practice amongst professionals working in this sector.

Why use us?

Employing our services gives you greater control over the value of your home, as your property will become more valuable and marketable (important in a tougher economic climate) in terms of lease length whenever you come to sell it.

We are the largest and longest-established company of our kind, enabling leaseholders to extend their leases or acquire their shares of freehold without experiencing an expensive learning curve in dealing with their freeholders and the valuers, solicitors and other parties representing both parties.

With Leasehold Solutions, you will benefit from our many years of experience handling many hundreds of lease extension or freehold purchase transactions.

We manage the entire process on your behalf, coordinating the work of all parties and keeping you fully informed at all stages. We also offer fixed fees and a stage-by-stage approach.

Extending your lease or buying your freehold - how to take control

You are probably visiting this website because you are a leaseholder and need to deal with your lease length issue. Whilst this issue may have come as a shock to you, it is very important to understand that the length of the existing lease on your leasehold property has huge implications on both the underlying value of your property and its future marketability.

One of the only constants in life is change. Our circumstances, plans and goals can suddenly alter at any moment. If you deal with the complex issue of extending your lease now, you will protect the value of what is probably your biggest asset – your home.

Your legal rights

Various Acts entitle you to extend your lease, buy your freehold or take over the management of your building, provided you meet certain criteria. We have a full understanding of these Acts and can advise you on how they translate into the reality of extending your lease or buying your freehold and related activities.

The most recent is The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, which in terms of lease extension and freehold acquisition made the conditions contained within The Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 easier to fulfil.

Are you eligible?

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Promoting best practice in the leasehold sector

Anna Bailey, CEO of the Leasehold Group of companies is very proud to have founded ALEP in 2007 with her late brother, Alex Greenslade. ALEP is the association that brings together barristers, managing agents, project managers, solicitors and surveyors working in the residential leasehold sector. Membership acts as a badge of assurance so that leaseholders can be confident that they are employing professionals with the right level of experience in handling potentially complex transactions.

The eligibility to extend your lease or purchase your freehold is determined by factors such as lease length, where the property is situated and your particular circumstances.

You can exercise your right to a lease extension individually, but freehold acquisition must be undertaken by groups of at least two leaseholders.

Although the criteria can be summarised simply, the various Acts’ rules are quite complex and each case is different.

If you are not already in contact with Leasehold Solutions regarding a particular transaction, please contact us to determine whether you are eligible for a lease extension or freehold acquisition.


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