Government proposes a ban on the sale of leasehold homes: Our response

Leasehold Solutions welcomes this morning’s news that Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has put in motion proposals to ban the sale of new build leasehold houses.

The Government’s plans, which are now subject to an eight week public consultation, include banning leaseholds on all new build houses and reducing ground rents in England.

Although Leasehold Solutions welcomes the news of the consultation, it is a very small step in the long battle against abolishing the outdated leasehold system.

Pressure and tireless efforts from the National Leasehold Campaign to raise awareness about leasehold houses has already resulted in sales of these types of properties decreasing, as more people become aware of the scandal and developers’ dirty tricks.

The leasehold scandal is a very serious situation and goes deeper than new build leasehold houses. There are already thousands of flat owners caught up in leasehold properties paying extortionate ground rents and onerous service charges. Leasehold Solutions is now keen to see what the Government’s plans will be to help those already living a leasehold nightmare, and when legislation will change to help those people already trapped by leasehold.

Louie Burns, Managing Director of Leasehold Solutions