The Times on 31 July 2009

Now is the time to add value to your home by extending the lease Ten things you ought to know when considering whether to renegotiate the length of the lease on your property 1. If you want to extend the term of your lease, do it now, says Lucian Cook, of the estate agent Savills. He says that the cost … Read More

The Observer Property Section 12 January 2008

Andrew Moody on why more lessees are getting together to buy the freehold of their property HENRY TOMKINS has completed a campaign to wrest control of the freehold of the block of flats in which he lives in central London from a property company. The 77-year-old former electrical engineer with London Underground enlisted the support of 26 fellow lessees to … Read More

Daily Mail 27 October 2006

Leasehold v Freehold? BUYING the freehold is, one of the best ways to increase the value of your flat – isn’t it? With service charges creeping ever upwards, most people would be forgiven for thinking so, especially if their block is badly managed by the current freeholder. And leases can present their own problems. If the lease on your flat … Read More

Evening Standard Homes & Property Section on Wednesday 11 October 2006

You’re in charge The past 10 years has seen a major shift in the balance of power for flat owners. Buying the freehold of your block is no longer a distant aspiration. Putting up with a landlord’s inefficient management has ceased to be acceptable. Changes in legislation mean leaseholders are now in the driving seat. More blocks than ever are … Read More

Evening Standard Homes & Property section on Wednesday 14 June 2006

Please Re-Lease Me Buying the freehold is viewed as a no-brainer by many flat-owners: an ideal way to add value to your flat, avoid inflated service charges and extend a dwindling lease. But is it always the wisest move? Suppose that you can’t persuade the required minimum of 50% of your block to agree to purchase, and meanwhile, the lease … Read More

Evening Standard Homes & Property Section on Wednesday 24 May 2006

Deal or no deal? So your landlord is offering you the chance to buy the freehold. Get organised and act fast, says Jane Barry You own a flat in a block and a notice has just been dropped through your letterbox: the landlord plans to sell the freehold to another company, but by law is giving you and your neighbors … Read More

News on The Block issue 27, May 2006

Freehold acquisition: silver bullet or poisoned chalice? Flat-owners up and down the country are saying this because they are sick and tired of poor management, rip-off buildings insurance and spiralling management charges. But acquiring the freehold for your block is not the “silver bullet” cure-all that it may seem at first sight. I have worked with literally thousands of flat-owners … Read More

News on The Block issue 24, March 2005

Love thy neighbour There is something about leasehold enfranchisement that seems to bring out the worst in people. Maybe it is that neighbours who have not even exchanged pleasantries for several years are forced to enter into a binding agreement. Or possibly it is that people are undertaking a business transaction without being able to choose the co-participants. Could it … Read More

Evening Standard Homes & Property section on Wednesday 10 November 2004

L-plate landlords Taking on the freehold of your block of flats often requires expert help, says Jane Barry. Want to buy your freehold but not sure how to go about it? There are companies that will project-manage the whole process for you from start to finish. And the time, money and aggravation they save can make it well worth paying … Read More