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The importance of understanding leasehold

With 4.3 million leasehold homes in the UK, there is a clear need for property professionals to understand the many complex issues involved in buying and selling leasehold properties, in order to advise their clients correctly. 

Knowing your clients' legal rights gives you the critical edge. We hold regular online training and networking events throughout the year. To find out more about these events please get in touch.


Property professionals' guide to leasehold

If you are involved with leasehold property transactions, the Leasehold Group of Companies can provide invaluable expertise to help you brush up on your leasehold knowledge.

We've created an essential guide which outlines key issues your clients may be facing.

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Are your clients in need of leasehold advice?

Providing expert help and advice to leaseholders is at the very core of our business. We want to share our expertise, knowledge and experience to  ensure that leaseholders have advice which may help them with their leasehold issues.

We hold leaseholder events - The Leasehold Roadshow - all over the country. These are completely free information events for all leaseholders with one specific aim of empowering leaseholders to take control.

We are passionate about educating leaseholders about their rights and attendees of our roadshow events are under no obligation whatsoever to use our services. 

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10 top tips about leases

leap: lease extension calculator for estate agents

This free platform provides estate agents with an online ‘go to’ facility to help estimate the potential premium of a lease extension on behalf of their clients with ‘short’ lease flats.

In the complex world of leasehold, trying to establish the likely cost of a lease extension can be difficult and the leap online calculator is an excellent starting point to estimate an initial ballpark figure.

Click here to access leap.

The lease extension process must not commence without first seeking formal professional advice from a specialist valuer (and a specialist solicitor). If you or any of your clients wish to take action to extend a lease or purchase a freehold, then please contact Leasehold Valuers.

FREEPHONE: 0808 1311 109

In the

We live and breathe leasehold and we’re often asked to comment on leasehold issues by the press and broadcast media. Here are a few of our latest headlines:

Trapped by a toxic leasehold? Don't be ripped off TWICE...
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Leasehold dilemma: extend a lease now or wait for a...
As a government consultation continues, it's a crucial and costly issue facing the owners of flats and houses... Read more here:


Leasehold portfolio management

We assist estate agents and property professionals representing leasehold portfolio owners, helping their clients to manage the relationship with their freeholders and professional representatives to ensure significant cost reductions.

If you would like a no-obligation discussion about this service, in person or over the telephone, please contact us via:


The Leasehold Group of Companies

Leasehold Valuers

The specialists team at Leasehold Valuers is passionate about providing professional, independent and specialist advice on the valuation and negotiation of residential lease extensions and freehold purchases.
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Leasehold Law

Experts in residential leasehold law, the firm is based in London and has cases throughout England and Wales. Leasehold Law has extensive experience in all landlord and tenant issues in both transactional work and disputes, and is able to offer practical advice and guidance regarding this complex area of law.
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S5 Solutions

This specialist division of Leasehold Solutions provides expert advice to flat owners who have received a Section 5 Notice from their freeholder. As the process is complex and the meeting of deadlines throughout the transaction is critical, we have produced a series of explainer videos, which are available
on our website.

Why work with us

The Leasehold Group of companies comprises project managers, solicitors and valuers that specialise in the leasehold sector. The group was established to help leaseholders pursue their right to enfranchise, in accordance with the provisions of The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

We work every day to empower leaseholders to take control of their property by extending their leases or purchasing their freeholds. We have enabled thousands to do so. Our experts know the leasehold system inside out and can help you, as a property professional, understand the intricacies of the system.

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