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Lease extension, London NW2

I would highly recommend Leasehold Solutions as they informed me all the way about the process. It was painless, highly professional – I just needed to pay at the end. Fantastic – I am a happy customer!
Mr Bjelos, NW2

Freehold acquisition, London SW7

The flat owners of a property in South Kensington’s Onslow Square contacted Leasehold Solutions after receiving Section 5 Notices from their freeholder, The Wellcome Trust, giving them the ‘right of first refusal’ to purchase their freehold.

Leasehold Solutions managed the entire project, including coordinating the initial valuation, serving relevant legal Notices, setting up a freehold company, contacting absentees and negotiating with the freeholder. 16 out of 26 flats in the building took part and the transaction completed on schedule, just a few months after receipt of the Section 5 Notices.

“I know from experience that these things can be more complicated than expected. Leasehold Solutions provided a superb service, every step of the way.” – Mr Horton, Chairman of the freehold company.

To read the article in the Evening Standard that featured this transaction, please click here.

Freehold acquisition, London SW7

Following a meeting held in June 2010 at Scotwell Drive in Neasden, a group of flat owners served Section 42 Notices on the freeholder, just as the leases were nearing the critical 80-year mark. The transactions completed in July 2011 and we also facilitated a group saving half of the amount quoted for the freeholder’s costs.

“I feel that leaseholds are a subject that people generally know little or nothing about. Had Leasehold Solutions not come forward when they did, I would have been unaware that action needed to be taken in respect of the 80 years remaining on the existing lease.” – Mr Gilbert, Neasden

“Thanks for turning the lease extension into a painless process. Going with LS seemed to give me a lot more presence on the legal playing field when the negotiations were made. It’s a great service to be able to pay a deposit, sit back and then just make one more payment at the end.” – Mr Ingham, Neasden

Lease extension, West Yorkshire

‘I didn’t know Leasehold Solutions before this process so was a little anxious, but they soon put my concerns to rest. They saved me unending headaches by guiding me through this complex process to the end and I felt truly like someone was fighting on my behalf.’ –
Mr Ward, West Yorkshire

Lease extensions, Leeds

“Leasehold Solutions guided us well and very professionally through the whole process of extending our lease.” Mr and Mrs Guesne, Leeds” – Ms Riley, South Croydon

Lease extensions, South Croydon

Having been introduced to the flat owners in this property by managing agent firm Andertons, we held a meeting in May 2010 and were subsequently able to negotiate informal lease extensions for over 50% of the block’s owners. The leases were extended from 67 years to 125 years and the freeholder’s costs were kept to an absolute minimum.

“I am so grateful. The lease extension process was maturing when my mother passed away. She was 99 years old and had thrown away all the relevant papers – but she had showed them to me first. So I was able to, with your help, ‘jump on the bus before it left’.” – Ms Riley, South Croydon

Lease extensions, South Croydon

Our initial meeting was held in January 2010 when the majority of leases had 82 years remaining. Following the serving of Section 42 Notices on behalf of 59 flat owners, a deal was reached informally with the freeholder, whereby 90 years were added to the lease and the ground rent remained unchanged. An additional highlight of this project was that there were no freeholder’s fees whatsoever. The first of the transactions completed in September 2010.

“It was a new experience for me but Leasehold Solutions guided me well through the whole experience.” – Mr & Mrs Waidhofer, Golders Green

“When I was approached by Leasehold Solutions, I was hesitant at first, but they were remarkably efficient as professionals.” – Miss Mazim, Golders Green

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